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In 2005 I...

{x} broke a promise
{x} made a new best friend
{x} fell in love
{ } fell out of love
{x} did something you swore never to do
{x} lied
{ } stole
{x} got drunk
{x} got high
{ } went behind your parents back
{x} cried over a broken heart
{x} disappointed someone close
{x} hid a secret
{x} pretended to be happy
{ } got arrested
{ } kissed in the rain
{x} slept under the stars
{x} kept your new years resolution
{ } forgot your new years resolution
{x} met someone who changed your life
{x} met one of your idols!!!!
{ } changed your outlook on life
{x} sat home all day doing nothing
{x} pretended to be sick
{ } left the country
{x} almost died
{x} partied
{x} got kissed
{x} given up something important to you
{ } lost something expensive
{x} learned something new about yourself
{x} tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
{x} made a change in your life
{x} found out who your true friends were.
{x} made a total fool of yourself
{x} met great people
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